Unless Your Manager Provides Value In Personal Business Development, You Should Seriously Consider Other Alternatives And Options. 


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1. Our Proprietary Apps Are No Costs To Agents.

2. Our Proprietary Apps Are Updated Consistently.

3. Our Proprietary Apps Are Programmed And Coded By Our Leaders.

4. Our Trainings Are Consistent And Contributed By Leaders. 

5. OTT Is Conveniently Located In HDB HUB MRT.

6. Our OTT Building And Branding Is Outstanding.

7. Our Service Office is Accessible 24/7.

8. My Team Has 3 Top Rookies In 2014, 2015 and 2016. 

9. Our Division Is Always Positive Regardless Of Market Circumstances.

If You Are Enjoy Winning and Are Spontaneous In Decision Making, Take Action and Connect With Eric Lee 9386 6226.

My Contributions To  In 2017-2018 As Core Leader 

Chairman-AAG Year End Party & Charity Event

Finance Manager-Game Changer Launch

 Logistics IC-Overseas 1st Sales Camp

    Thank you very much for your confidence, support and partnership with me!! 

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Unless You Adopt and Embrace Technology.. 

 What you have learnt or trained will more effective and costs savings. 

ATTEND   "Business Seminar & SHAKE Technology Updates on Landed,ProjectPro.." 

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Friday 23 February:


2018-What Are We Enjoying? 


Get What You Want: Learn And Benefit From  Strategic Revenue Generation Ideas..

Introducing Eric Lee & Team (Associate District Director)


Awards, Recognition & Events

Our team associates are achieving amazing results. We believe and embrace service excellence. Otherwise it will be challenging to compete effectively and efficiently.  



TOP ROOKIES In My Team For 3 Years-2016, 2015 & 2014 

Mr Vincent Siew, Ms Eryn Ang & Mr Raymond Lim.. Congratulations!!


2017 Team-Meet and Mingle 



Join Eric Lee  @ AAG 

1. Associates who are with traditional smaller agencies and have been diligently hard working BUT NOT Tech savvy-You will enjoy and benefit from our easy and simple InstantPro Apps created by by my outstanding "active practicing" manager cum leader.

2. Associates who have been providing financial restructuring and alternative investment strategies in their course of work-Our " SHAKE" and Unfair Business Marketing and Technology Apps will definitely make it simple and enhance your presentation strategy.

3. Associates who wants to embark into Commercial-Industrial-Shophouse units-I will mentor and coach you like an "Instant Professional"

4. Associates who have ALWAYS wanted more time for family and lifestyle.

5. Associates who wants effective effort in transaction, prospecting and getting listings.

"SHAKing News" WHY .. You Should Not QUIT?, even when there is NO Coach and Mentor. GIVE YOURSELF another chance? 




 a division of 1200 Associates Joined AAG..Change Your Agency, Change Your Life. Are you an Action Taker or Just A Watcher?

In my team since 2013, 3 of my associates have achieved Top Rookies Awards. One of them have recorded 90 transactions in an Industrial Project. Some of us have received quarterly champion 1st position awards.

Our team sales have doubled in 2016. A few of us will be awarded Annual Top 200 Achievers. Some of us will be promoted. More associates will be joining my team in 2017.

What Have We Done To Achieve These Results??

Ask Eric Lee (Associate District Director):

9386 6226  

WHY..Start Team Building & Recruiting Associates  because..

No 1: We have make it easy for you to earn an extra income. At the same time, as an entrepreneur and businessman, it is my desire and passion to encourage aspiring associates to increase their sales revenue and develop team building.


No 2: AAG has the cutting-edge technology, great leadership excellent mentorship and training. "Shake And Show" with Unfair Marketing Technology Advantage. You can coach any associates almost Instantaneously..

No 3: You can Turbo-Charge your real estate career. Moreover, if you are an aspiring associate or team leader, I am committed and responsible to team building with you.

    Take Action and Decide-CHANGE..

Leverage and Benefit from our "SHAKE With UNfair Technology"-Transact One More Deal - Save Time, Energy And Money..Why Not..!?    

WHY PAY for an "Obsolete Features And Lite" copy when you can receive a "Full-Fledged" Version FREE, Confirmed It's FREE in our group. WHY COMPROMISE yourself with another agency when you can join the Better or Best.. If you are a COMMITTED agent, arrange an appointment with AAG Leader, Eric Lee: 9386 6226 

Team Eric Lee Achievements-In OrangeTee:  2016-August, July and April-Champion 1st Position Associate Group Director, 2016-Quarterly Top 3 Positions Associate Group Director, 2015-Annual 1st Position Champion-Vision Exchange, 2015-June Champion Top Rookie Producer, 2014-Annual 1st Position Champion-Vision Exchange, 2014-Annual Group Champion Rookie Producer, 2014-November 1st Position Champion.

Eric Lee & Associates: Despite the challenging circumstances, my associates are CONSISTENTLY achieving amazing results since 2013 to 2016.

CHOOSE and DECIDE this Team with " UNFAIR" Business Marketing and Technology Advantage

"注重提供卓越服务"-Enhancing Service Excellence

We value our service solutions for our clients and assist associates to earn consistent income. Hence, my team and I have derived new strategies to overcome, adapt and adopt the disruptors.

Opportunity and luck happens when you are prepared and ready with our supportive management staff.


Leader can combine work, live and play. Enjoy every moments of joy and comfort in our office sanctuary while developing your business..





Visit me @ Level 7-Orangetee Building Toa Payoh:

Come to our counter and ask for Eric Lee

9386 6226 

"Shaping Our Future Together"-Orangetee & Edmund Tie-28 August 2017

Future Shock-Unless There Is Change, Otherwise There Is No Future. Are You Ready To Change? 2016 has been a Year Of Disruption & Innovator-Unprecedented.

America-Donald Trump, India-Rupee, Korea-Park, Malaysia-Mahathir, Philippines-Rodrigo Duterte, Singapore-Olympic Joseph Schooling-90 Minutes High Speed Rail-Constitution, Thailand-King, UK-Brexit, Uber, Grab.."Innovator of the Year 2016" Congratulations!! We are OrangeTee!!


(courtesy of SBR Management Excellence Awards 2016) 

OrangeTee Highlights

Since 2013.. Exceptional Moments In 2016, has been a year with several breakthroughs and special achievements. Our team sales have doubled, Mr Raymond Lim-Monthly Top Rookie, Ms Aileen Yeo-Star Performer, Mr Daniel Kam, Ms Vivien Tan, Mr Jimmy Lim-Top 30 Producers and Mr XE Chang-Promoted to Associate Director. 

Appreciate the effort and dedication of my team members, I was awarded the Champion Top Associate Group Director in April, July, August and December, 2nd Position-3rd and 4th Qtr. In 4th Qtr 2016, I was the Overall Individual Champion Top Recruitor in  Orangetee.


Mr Raymond Lim-Top Rookie and Ms Aileen Yeo-Star Performer 3rd Qtr Congratulations!!


Congratulations To All My Associates Mr Daniel/Ms ViVian-Overall Top 23rd Position!! Mr XE Chang-Promotion to Associate Director Mr Jimmy Lim-Top Position Sales Achiever -19th Position February & TOP 26 Achiever 1st Qtr 2016 (Private Non Landed) 


2016 Gala Nite Achievers Award-Outstanding Trainer, Top Leader, Top Sales Achiever- Congratulations!! Ivy Eyu, Lester Tan & Eric Lee


2015 Business Conference Panelist : Privilege To Be Offered As A Business Conference Panelist 2015 (from left: Mr Michael Tan-KEO,Mr Simon Yio-Agency Director, Steven Tan-Managing Director, Eric Lee-Associate Group Director)


Agent Summit 1H2017 - How Real is Technological Disruption to the Real Estate Sector for Agents?


2015 & 2014 - Champion 1st Position Top Sales-Vision Exchange A Mixed Commercial Tower   

(2015-2014-整体顶级销售冠军-1st位 置)  Congratulations!! Eric LeeSPECIAL AWARD:Only Recipients In Orangetee To Receive Champion 1st Position Award For Consecutively 2 Years 2014 and 2015


2013 - SAEA National Award-Best Leader-GOLD Award-Congratulations!! Lester Tan


 Mr Eric Lee (Immediate Past HOD Recreation 2016-2017 & Core Leader 2018), Department Head-Mr Perry Siow(Training), Mr Johnny Ng(Recruitment) and Ms Ivy Eyu(Recreation) with Mr Lester Tan(AAG Founder)



Networking Investment Opportunities: Participation in Local & International Events(Singapore, Cambodia, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines,Thailand..)







(Eric Lee-HOD 2016-2017 )













Usually More Than 100% Attendance 

Selfless Leaders In Training


2016 Annual Sales Training & Camp




MyOffice @ Level 7 Strategic Business Development and Operations Planning for Geylang District 14, Little India District 08 and Vision Exchange @ Jurong East MRT District 22



Learn Commercial/Industrial Skill-Transact And Earn One More Deal


Another important unique aspect of OT is the support from our AAG mutual respect, gratitude, selfless sharing, innovation, extensive knowledge, financial knowledge, extra-ordinary leaders, alternative investments opportunities..  

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